We know the importance of selecting a destination and property for your holiday that will make you feel comfortable and welcome. Before telling you about a property, we will contact them directly and confirm the property is open and welcoming to gay and lesbian vacationers. It is important to us that they extend the same service, courtesies and professionalism that are available to all other visitors.


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No wedding, gay or straight, is complete without a honeymoon. Interest in gay & lesbian honeymoons has rapidly grown as more states and countries legalize same-sex marriages. While straight couples on a honeymoon have traditionally been welcomed at vacation spots around the world, we have experienced discrimination in many locales. Fortunately, there are cities and beautiful beaches that cater to gay and lesbian honeymooners. Many cities already have a variety of gay-friendly lodgings, bars, and restaurants for gay and lesbian couples to enjoy. It all depends on your preferences.

The honeymoon world is extremely accepting of gay and lesbian couples. Same-sex couples are honeymooning at destinations like New York City, Disney (Disney will even provide a honeymoon package for same-sex couples), Las Vegas, Key West, Hawaii, Mexico, Israel, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Niagara Falls just to name a few.


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As Destinaton Wedding Specialists, we offer brides and grooms-to-be a seamless planning experience to make your happily ever after a moment you'll never forget. We love being part of such a major milestone. More importantly, we have the knowledge and expertise you need, especially when planning a wedding from hundreds of miles away can feel overwhelming. We'll also supply your guests with top-knotch service to ensure their travel arrangements are secured in a timely manner, while passing on special rates and extra perks they'll appreciate.

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