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Suites for the Sweet

Posted on 02/16/2018

Few things are more romantic than the idea of being whisked away to a hotel somewhere, hand in hand with your partner as you discover a new place together … or revisit an old favorite that’s filled with memories.

To make sure that reality lives up to the fantasy, the expertise and opinions of travel agents is critical. Their firsthand experience means that they know your location truly is central, that leisurely walks under the stars are safe, and that service is all it’s promised to be.

One of the most important things they scope out when they do site inspections is the accommodations. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, the room is of utmost importance. Because you know what’s not seductive? Bumping elbows over limited closet space, having to take turns brushing teeth, or being only a nightstand’s distance from the WC.

For those reasons, most travel agents recommend a suite when booking a lovebird weekend, and it’s why Travel Impressions is focusing on this category of accommodations with their SUITEheart Deals promotion, which aptly falls in February.

The advantages of booking a suite over a regular guestroom for a lovers’ stay are many:

1. Extra space. Yes, you’re there to hole up together and intimate quarters in close confines can seem charming if you’re in love. But those few extra square feet of room can make all the difference and avoid a lot of arguments over territory, as well as any mishaps tripping over one another or luggage!

2. Seating area. Realistically, you won’t spend your entire time in the room on the bed. Breakfast in bed is quaint and indulgent, but dinner? Much less practical. Crumbs after turndown service is one way to ruin the mood; a couch and a coffee table or a small dinette area is perfect.

3. Better views. This is not a guarantee, but generally speaking, since suites are a more highly desirable rate category, they’re better located inside the building or resort, whether that means on a higher floor for more sweeping views or just convenience to the things you might want to leave your room for.

4. Added amenities. Again, this may not be true 100% of the time, but some properties offer toiletries that are a step above their standard when you upgrade to a suite, from simple things like shampoo brands and a freestanding tub to extra bottles of water and bathrobes in the room or little niceties like toothpaste, insect repellent, or shaving kits being included in your room rate.

5. Other services. In keeping with the more posh surroundings, service is often stepped up in a suite. That can mean anything from turndown service to butler service, depending on what you book. It’s always worth checking out!

Ultimately, the perks vary between properties, but your travel advisor will know the specifics, as well as steer you toward the SUITEheart Deal by Travel Impressions you should be steering toward.

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